10:54am 06-15-2013
I saw Pekka with rock´n roll sensation at viking line grace 13-14.6.2013, oh my good he got the looks and voice, soooou sexy
12:55am 08-03-2012
Ademilson Sbrissa
Hello Pekka, I'm from Brazil and I would say I'm a big fan of his work.
I hope to see you live in Brazil someday. A hug and Pekka Heino forever!
Cheers from Sao Paulo - Brazil

6:55pm 04-28-2012
Hi, I´m one of the greatest fans of you :-) Your Voice ist undescribable - a wonder ;-) Are there more songs like "Sentenced" an "Heart full of Fire" from you? Are there any projects from you, not documented on the page??? As I said before - I love your voice and the style of your projects - maybe you´ll contact me? I thank god, that there are singers like you and keep the rock rocking... God bless you and the best wishes for you... Hope to get a answer from you... Rock on and 4ever^^
8:58am 07-18-2011
Eva Lötjönen
Pekka is male voice of Finland..I just simply worship his voice..and he is so sexy! <3
3:51pm 08-20-2010
Pekka is so cool, i love him *-*
10:53pm 06-14-2010
thanks for creating this website it is awesome
1:58pm 02-17-2010
I give You my msn messenger and We can talk about Pekka!
1:57pm 02-17-2010

I'm Barcelonaeyes from the forum, thanks You so much to add Me in Facebook. I give You my msn messenger and We can talk about Pekka! Other thing If I can help You to do this web more fun, tell Me! Kisses! Angie
10:58am 02-11-2010

I'm Barcelonaeyes from the forum, your web is very fun and gives info about that guy what most of fans ( includes Me) don't know.

I put on my blogg your banner!


3:41am 12-23-2009
Hey Beth
what a great page. You can be so proud of it.
Have a good day, love Nicky
11:14pm 12-15-2009
Hi Beth, there are many nice things of Pekka on this site!
Keep the faith!